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31 January 2010 @ 11:08 pm
I remember doing this a few times before, so in honor of Tuesday's nominations (and I can already tell you that I whole-heartedly disagree with this ten best picture nominee nonsense), here are the eligible films I've actually seen:

Angels & Demons: Watched on DVD with my parents over Christmas. Tom Hanks phoned this in like no performance I've ever seen. I liked the girl, though I can't remember her name or her character that much, I just remember I thought she did a nice job.

Coraline: Saw this by myself in 3D. I'm not sure my eyes like 3D. I spent the whole time tilting the glasses up and down, trying to figure out if I was seeing it correctly. The movie itself was awesome, though.

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince: I think I saw this with Michelle, who hasn't read the book, and I remember saying that for a movie called HP and The Half-Blood Prince, there should have been more about the Half-Blood Prince.

The Invention of Lying: I saw this with my parents. I thought they would be totally unimpressed about the fact that it is basically one big eff-you to religion, but they thought it was funny, as did I.

Michael Jackson's This Is It: I saw this with my mother. She basically went along with me because I asked her to, but she ended up enjoying it just as much as I did. That concert would really have been something to see, and it did make you realize that he was not actually as weak as he appeared in interviews and such. I mean, dude was never a linebacker, but he wasn't sickly.

New Moon: Saw this with Michelle. Had improper thoughts about a 17-year-old. Other than that... meh.

The Proposal: Watched this on the plane to Paris. It was cute, funny, not terribly original.

Sherlock Holmes: Saw this with my family the day after Christmas. A smashing good time.

Star Trek: Watched this on the plane home from Paris. Fine entertainment, even for a non-Trekkie like moi.

Taken: I rented this. It was weirdly short, less than an hour and a half, and an hour and fifteen minutes of it was just Liam Neeson running around Paris killing people.

Ten! That is pathetic. I shall put my unemployment to good use and try to see more.